Simple Ways To Save On Accessories

We all want to save, especially around this time of the year. But sometimes it feels like we need to invest a ton of time to get the right look at the right price. This year, we’re digging up sites slashing prices to take our wardrobes to the next level. Here are our holiday accessory hacks:

Play with your locks. Hair accessories make themselves doubly affordable: they are one of the more noticeable accessories to invest in, but they can also be one of the cheapest options out there. Supre, for example, had loads of different scrunchy styles that included velvet, zebra, pleated, plaid, and so much more (at so, so cheap). Buy a bunch!

Wait for Gift-With-Purchase scores. We recommend looking for opportunities to get a gift-with purchase, one of the most affordable ways to score accessories (as long as you are looking for other pieces as well). We recommend starting at Noni B., which offers a free pair of pearl studs when you purchase other accessories. City Beach has “2 For” deals which do the trick, so you can get more pairs of flip flops, for example, for much less.

Don’t forget that makeup can be an accessory, too. We hopped over to City Beach to see what they had to offer, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Some of our favorite accessories were the peach-coloured makeup palettes (give yourself some glow at any time of the year) and the fun, fizzy bath bombs: one leaves you looking good, and one leaves you feeling good. This time of year, they are both priced lower than ever.

Score sunnies in bulk. Shop for your sunglasses in sets of twos. You can often score a BOGO deal, like we saw at Factorie, and you’re certainly not compromising on style. We saw plenty of “extreme” cats’ eye specs in every color under the rainbow. A must!

Check your basics game. Accessorizing like you mean it definitely requires a great foundation. If you have any wiggle room in your budget, set the stage with a black bodysuit, easily grabbed at City Beach, and branch out with a basic black mini skirt and boots too. Then pile on the accessories for a look that doesn’t quit!

Accessorize with unexpected household basics. For example, City Beach has unicorn ice packs and geode reusable cups that add style and flair to your day-to-day. While you’re there, we highly recommend checking out the wallets and bum bags in stock as well.

Grab some student discounts. Sites like Supre and City Beach are part of the Unidays program, which saves you 20% when you register online. Yes, we’re all about the accessories, but when it comes to discounts like these, we recommend you hunt down bestsellers like super high-rise denim and tunics.

How do you score affordable accessories?